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Swedish geologist Johan Gunnar Andersson and American palaeontologist Walter W.

Granger came to Zhoukoudian, China in search of prehistoric fossils in 1921.

The applications touch almost every issue of our environment at large, from archaeology to climate research.

Special emphasis is put on AMS applications within physics, i.e.

Astrophysics, Nuclear Physics, and Atomic and Molecular Physics.

One focus of our technical developments is pushing the limits of the AMS method, e.g.

Al in quartz grains, and apply it to a sequence of intercalated tills and paleosols in central Missouri, USA, that record Plio-Pleistocene advances of the Laurentide Ice Sheet.First there must be quartz present in the sediment for the nuclides to be created by the neutron spallation of quartz and second the quartz must be buried deep enough for neutron spallation to stop.Normally sediment above 5 meters in depth encounters is not acceptable for this type of technique.They were directed to the site at Dragon Bone Hill by local quarrymen, where Andersson recognised deposits of quartz that were not native to the area.Immediately realising the importance of this find he turned to his colleague and announced, "Here is primitive man; now all we have to do is find him!

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