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The stereotypes aren’t fair, but they don’t come out of nowhere.

Calvinists are “cold,” “heady,” and “condescending.” They think they have it all figured out and everyone else is blind, slow, or stubborn.

Most are still stuck on, “Wait, I'm supposed to date Christians?

” That said, once you've established the importance of marrying someone who will be your partner in the faith and has the mutual goal of encouraging you in your relationship with Christ, you may start to wonder, “Well, does it really matter what of Christian they are?

Ah yes, the classic, “Let me show you a verse” move. w=240" data-large-file=" Sometimes they make sense, others not so much, and a few make me laugh.

" data-medium-file=" One particular search caught my eye the other day: “how to meet Reformed men.” Apparently there is at least one single Christian woman out there, looking for a man with a sound grasp of the doctrines of grace.

In case you misunderstand, we’re not arguing about this. We talk a lot about Jesus and a lot about the Bible, but, probably out of love for each other, we don’t bring up speaking in tongues, miraculous healing, or predestination! We know it’s not right to marry an unbeliever (we agree on that part of 1 Corinthians! But is it okay to marry a fellow believer in another denomination?

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This question can simply be another way of asking, “Is this person a Christian?But Scott's Sovereign Grace hopes to take compatibility tests to a new level, making sure that singles are on the same page theologically.Singles who build profiles on Sovereign Grace Singles answer questions such as, " How have the Doctrines of Grace changed or affected your life? " and "Who is your favorite biblical character and why?We’re not doubting you’ve had bad experiences with so-called Calvinists, but whether the experiences you’ve had are really examples of Calvinism.If all your encounters have been bad, or others’ stories so off-putting they’ve kept you away entirely, we ask you to give us just four minutes with this video.

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