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3) Making false allegations against the character of a person or character assassination could also qualify as grossly offensive and having menacing character.4) Using insulting words or symbols which are obscene, could also qualify as grossly offensive and having menacing character.The app is the brainchild of Dr Isaac Datikashvili, who originally created it with medical record transferring in mind.He told uk: ‘I’m very honest about that but it’s better than anything else at maintaining privacy.Accounts associated with such activity may be suspended. All reports are subject to review by our Moderation team.If Moderation determines a violation has occurred, a suspension will be issued to the associated accounts or the report will be escalated for further review.In the first part, we explained what is Section 66A of IT act and various views on the same.In this write up, we try to provide some guidelines on how the law is implemented, and how to be safe. has cited 17 points that may get you booked under Section 66A of the amended Indian Information Technology Act, 2000. 1) If you swear or abuse somebody, the swear words could be said to be grossly offensive.

There’s also an optional function which captures the recipient’s reaction as they view the sent message.

The same could also be said to be having menacing character and your act could come within the ambit of Section 66A(a) of the amended Indian Information Technology Act, 2000.

2) Anything defamatory which affects the character, reputation, standing or goodwill of a person could also be deemed to be grossly offensive.

If you come across a broadcaster or user on Twitch whom you feel has violated Twitch's Terms of Service (To S) or Community Guidelines (CG), you have the ability to send a report to our moderation team for review.

If a user is violating the CG or To S via whispers with you and you wish to report them, click here to learn how to do so.

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