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Mark and Jeremy performing with Lady Gaga (courtesy Mark Kanemura and Jeremy Hudson) A great example of that is your longtime work with Lady Gaga.Did being on tour together accelerate your relationship?

" Her exuberance and genuine nature endeared her to literally every one on set, but no one more so than Derek.

They’ve certainly seized their days together, not only personally but also professionally—taking on dance jobs in tandem, like Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball and Born This Way Ball world tours, as well as many of her music videos, including “Telephone” and “Marry The Night.” Dying to know more? After we’d been talking for a while, I said, “We need to go on a date.” We planned something for the following week, but we weren’t sure it would happen because of our work schedules—and then we ended up on the same job!

It was a big Macy’s Stars of Dance number for “Dancing with the Stars.” Fate! Jeremy: Our first date was during that job, in 2009.

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