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The photos show a side of Jobs that few knew: the family man on vacation, at home, on his wedding day, with his father when Jobs was a baby.Complete coverage: Steve Jobs 1955 - 2011 Here on Overtime, we take a look at these Jobs family photos while Steve Kroft tells producer David Rubin about seeing these images and hearing the family stories: "I didn't know anything about the way he lived.Steve Jobs grew up in a lower-middle class suburban neighborhood in the 1960s.When he was a young adult, in the early 1970s, he delved into eastern mysticism, Zen Buddhism, and hippie ideals.Lisa Brennan is just Erin Jobs’ fifty percent sibling, there were disputes as well as also lawful concerns in the connection with Steve Jobs.In very early their adult years, Steve Jobs was dating his childhood years sweetheart Chris Anne Brennan, that was a painter. when he satisfied Steve Jobs’ organic mom and also they desired to obtain wed.As usual, any relationship with Jobs can be somewhat tumultuous.But he said to me, 'It was tough, but you eventually realize you've met the person, you know, who you're right to live with.' " Laurene and Steve had three children: Reed, Eve, and Erin.

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While he loved his parents, he did develop his own views on adoption.

In his late 20s, while he was still single, Steve Jobs was not living the life of a typical young nouveau riche.

He bought a large house in Los Gatos, not far from his parents' and Apple, which he almost didn't furnish (the famous 1982 Diana Walker picture in his living room was taken in that house) He kept his peculiar food habits, staying a vegan and fasting for spa few weeks - although he sometimes allowed himself some fish and even meat once in a while. He worked really, really hard, and spent most of his waking hours at Apple — including weekends.

They were counting on her father dying soon, in which case they could be married and keep their son, but they eventually gave in.

They added a stipulation for Paul and Clara that an account was to be created for Steven's college education and so it was.

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